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    Welcome to Middle School Math! 
    Students: Our classroom is going to be a place where I want you to love coming to each day.  Whether you are coming in as a spectacular math student, or someone who may find certain problems a little difficult, our classroom should be a place where you are respected, feel comfortable asking questions, and are willing to take risks.  We are all in this together for everyone to not only learn the math, but to learn how we learn. Most days our class will function like a workshop, we'll develop an interactive notebook, and you will have lots of access and opportunities to use on-line resources for practice and assistance.  One of my goals for this year is to guide each of you to be the best problem-solvers you can be.  Problems don't occur just in math class, so the strategies we work on should be able to help you any problem that you may face.  Homework, upcoming tests and quizzes, and all other pertinent information will be posted daily under the "Homework" tab, so please click there, and then on the date.
    Parents and Guardians:  Thank you for sharing your children with me for part of each day.  The middle school years often present new challenges for students and parents as the children grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally into young adults.  Please reference both my teacher page here, through the website, as well as the on-line grade book and your child's "Google Drive."  These resources will provide information to you about what your child is currently learning in math, upcoming assignments, academic progress as shown through their grades, as well as tools the students can use for practice, review, or tutorials if they are stuck on a concept at home.  Please feel free to communicate with me through my e-mail: eallen@lakehurstschool.org or by calling the main office.    
    ~Mrs. Allen