• Welcome to Mrs. Crawley's Kindergarten Class! 

    Vision Statement
    I hope to teach my class to work together as a team so each child can reach
    their individual potential and discover the fun in becoming a lifelong learner.


    Kindergarten Information
    -Please sign your child's planner each evening

    -Homework is assigned Monday -Thursday, check the homework folder for details

    -Please send your child to school with a healthy snack everyday

    -Assessments do take place in kindergarten, report cards will be sent home four times a year

    -Reading logs will be given out monthly, please complete and return at the end of each month

    -Recess/Lunch is scheduled for 11:14-12:02 daily
    -Specials: Monday-Music, Tuesday-Art, Wednesday-Technology, Thursday-P.E., Friday-Spanish  
    Kindergarten Rules
    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2. Show respect to everyone (be kind).

    3. Work quietly.

    4. Listen to everyone while they talk.

    5. Follow the safety rules.