•        Thank you for visiting my classroom website.  Please view the headings to the left to learn more about my class. 

          Third grade language arts resource is a small group pull out program.  The fourth grade math and writing resource is supported in the general education classroom.  The focus is on daily direct instruction in reading, written language, and math with a focus of developing independent readers and writers.    

          I believe that attendance is very important.  Your child should be in school every day unless s/he is sick.  Consistency and routine are key to a child's education.  The day is filled with learning experiences for every child so I also suggest keeping your child in school for the entire school day.  Even missing the last hour of school can put your child behind and work will have to be made up.

          Every child must bring their planners to school every day.  This is a great way for your child to learn organizational and time management skills.  I look at your child's planner everyday so it is also a great form of communication.

          If you every have any questions for me please write a note in your child's planner, email me at lchapman@lakehurstschool.org, or call me at the school.

    Mrs. Chapman