• Welcome to K - 2 Reading and Written language Pull Out Resource 2016/17
    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Kindergarten to second grade language arts resource is a small group pull out program. The focus is daily intensive direct instruction in reading and written language with a focus of developing independent readers and writers.

    Rules and Routines
    Assignments for the week are stapled or written in the planner on Monday(or the first day of the school week). The work may be completed in school as well as at home. The independent assignments support the small group instruction. The assigned work is generally due on Friday(or the last day of the school week). 

    Rewards are provided for completed assignments. Please ask your child if they have a packet to complete for Mrs.Welch.  Children may choose a prize on Friday if all assignments are completed.

    Spelling tests are almost always on Friday.

    Each child has a small magic stone jar in our classroom. Magic stones are dropped into the individual jars for positive behavior. At the end of each session we count the magic stones and children may choose a small prize for every ten magic stones.

    Materials, supplies, texts, and such...
    We utilize a variety of learning materials including the Journeys language arts materials. Each day the children begin the session listening to and viewing a read aloud mentor text. We follow the text with a sustained period of writing in the writing binder. Each student has a word book that helps with spelling words for written language. Spelling words are practiced daily utilizing a variety of materials including wipe off boards, Playdoh, Wikki Sticks, chart paper, and shaving cream!

    This school year we are utilizing the ipads and chrome books for reading, writing, spelling, phonetics, and so much more! I am so excited that we now have a projectable interactive whiteboard in the resource room!! The Journey's language arts curriculum includes many many interactive Smart board activities that reinforce the language arts curriculum.
    Great sites to visit are abcya, Hideout, and Starfall.

    Please contact me through email mwelch@lakehurstschool.org or planner.