• Special Requests

    • Please address all concerns to me directly ASAP!!!! This way we can address them effeciently and promply. Email is the fastest way! Mr. La Veglio's Email
    • We are a peanut and nut-free classroom! Parents, please make every effort not to send  products containing these ingredients to the classroom. We do NOT celebrate birthdays. However, for classroom celebrations, please send in only store bought products with the ingredients listed. The same applies for snacks as well. Water bottles are permitted, but not glass.


    • Please make every effort to not send your child to school if he or she is sick. Perfect attendance is not perfect when your child is ill.


    • Please look through your child’s backpack and check his/her planner every day. Sometimes  they may “forget” to hand you important papers.


    Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!