• 4th La Veglio Behavior Guideline


    MAIN Rule

    ALL Students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct (refer to Student Planner).


    Classroom Rules


    1.    Always follow directions the first time they are given.

    2.    Always show respect towards everyone.

    3.    Always remain quiet within the classroom, hallways, assemblies, or any other school events unless otherwise notified.

    4.    Always ask permission before going anywhere in the classroom or in the building.

    5.    Always raise your hand before speaking.


    Positive Consequences/ Smart Choices


    1.    Verbal praise and recognition

    2.    Mr. L Rewards

    3.    Other


    *Negative Consequences/ Poor Choices


    1.    Verbal warning

    2.    5 minute detention

    3.    15 minute detention 

    4.    Office/Administrative referral


    *2-4 Parents/Guardians will be notified via Student Planner, phone call, or email