• Schoolwork and Homework Policy (due to remote learning, I will alter the scoring)

    Schoolwork (Daily Assignments) 

    Students are given their daily assignments at the beginning of that day’s lesson. It is the students’ responsibility to write down their assignments, as well as any forthcoming assignments (i.e. quizzes, tests, & projects). Students are given ample time and are reminded to write down assignments. Daily assignments are graded based on the following:

    Preparedness (0-2 points)

    Participation (0-2 points)

    Comprehension (0-2 points)

    Completion (0-2 points)

    Neatness (0-2 points)

    Total per day = 10 points

    These scores are averaged at the end of the week as a cumulative weekly score (Schoolwork/50 points). See the example:






    Week 5






    46/50 = 92%


    In place of actual HW assignments, a Participation Grade will be averaged at the end of each marking period.


    Homework Policy

    Homework is given as needed based on lesson content. If given, homework is to be submitted the following day. However, homework may not given out every night, or may be due at the end of the week on a Friday. If a student has questions or difficulties comprehending the assignment(s), it is that student’s responsibility to notify the teacher prior to the due date. I strongly encourage students and parents to contact me if there is trouble understanding the assignment(s) before the due date. Missing homework assignments may be turned in one day late for 1/2 credit. Homework assignments are graded based on the completion of the homework assignment(s) and neatness. (Percentages will vary based on the number of homework assignments.)


    • If a student is absent when a homework assignment, quiz, or test is given, that student will have one school day to make up the missed assignment.
    • If a student is absent the day a project and/or report is due, that student must submit the project/report the following day, or the following Monday if the due date is on a Friday.