• Mr. L Rewards 



    The Rewards system is usually put into place after the first week of school. However, it can be terminated if the class does not show the proper conduct or academics expected by Mr. La Veglio. Students are also not required to take part in the Rewards system. 

     Pitcher Perfect: This is a classroom behavioral incentive that promotes proper conduct within the entire school, as well as on class trips. When the entire class shows proper citizenship, I will put a ping-pong ball in the Pitcher Perfect Pitcher (an ordinary plastic pitcher). Once the Pitcher Perfect Pitcher is full, the class will decide on what kind of classroom celebration to have, or choose to offer a reasonable challenge for Mr. La Veglio.

    The Mr. La Veglio Account is designed as an educational tool, a reward, and incentive for all students within my classroom. Students will be given fake currency (“Mr. L Money”) based on behavioral and academic progress. Students will learn the “value of a dollar” by managing their currency, as well as showing responsibility and accountability for one's own affairs. Students will earn or lose money based on their behavior and academics. 

         Once a month, students may purchase prizes from the “Mr. La Veglio Treasure Chest.” Prizes and other school materials may be purchised by the students at the end of the day on most Fridays, depending on the school calender.

    ·        The Mr. La Veglio Account is strictly for my classroom only!

    ·        Students may not share or give their money away!

    ·        Students may not sell items to other students.

    ·        Students are to manage their own accounts.

    ·        Students are to pay in full for any classroom infractions.

    ·        Students may lose their account privileges at any time, but have the opportunity to earn it back.

    The Mr. La Veglio Stock Market coincides with the above account. Students may purchase (fake) stock from me at a determined price. The stock rises and falls in value based on the classroom behavior as a whole. Students may sell or buy stock from me at any time, unless otherwise notified.