Homework Assignments, Quizzes, Test, & Projects 
    NOTE: All workbooks and/or textbooks must returned to the class daily!
    2nd Marking Period 3
    WEEK 21 
    Homework Assignments:
    Math: Workbook pages 443-444 (tomorrow)
    Reading: Target Vocabulary (due Friday)
    Writing: Weekly Paragraph (due Friday)
    Spelling: Write this week's spelling words in the shape of a heart in red in ink, marker, pencil, or crayon
    Quizzes, Tests, and Projects
    Reading: Lesson 12 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test (Fri)
    Writing: N/A
    Spelling:  Lesson 12 Spelling Test (Thurs)
    Grammar: Lesson 12 Grammar Test (Thurs)
    Science: Science will return in the second half of the 3rd M.P.
    Social Studies: 
    PBL Midwestern Slideshow Research Project - Due date 2/14 (unless we have a snow day)
    Map Test - Taken Today