• School Health Office Tips:
    Change in Health Status or Medications:
       Please notify the Health Office when there is a change in your child’s
       health status,  if a medication has been added, deleted or there is a
       change  in your child’s treatment plan.  It is important for me to have
       this information should an emergency occur at school.  Also, such information is
       important for me to be aware of for the proper assessment and care of your child
       should they become ill at school or display side effects of a medication.
    Emergency Cards:
       Please make sure the requested information on your child’s emergency contact card is
       completely filled out.  It is important that I have a current phone number to reach a
       parent in case of an emergency or illness. 
    Required Physicals:
       A recent physical exam is required for all students entering school for the first time 
       (pre-k, kindergarten or students entering other grades for the first time at this school).  
       This physical must be completed within 30 days of school entrance.
    Food Allergies:
       There may be a time when there is a student in your child’s class that has a severe food
       allergy to tree nuts, peanuts, peanut butter and products made from peanuts.  We ask
       that you avoid sending snacks or party treats that include these items.  It is also 
       important to speak to your child about not sharing foods.  Certain food allergies can
       have serious side effects.  Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
    NJ Family Care Health Insurance:
       NJ Family Care is an insurance program for New Jersey families who do not have
       healthcare insurance.  Please contact me for more information on this
       valuable program and how you can be enrolled.  It is for both adults and children.