March 2018

    Our fifth grade classes are excited to take part in a Calendar Art Contest.  Twelve schools will be participating in the contest and only one recipient from each school will be represented when compiling the twelve month calendar. The theme evolves around “What a Difference a Friend Makes”.  The artwork will reflect positive messaging about mental health, the importance of friendship and ways to be a good friend and support friends through difficult times.

    Our students will increase their awareness about mental illnesses and generate discussions about how differences can unite people. More importantly, they will learn how to engage in proactive behaviors that can help facilitate an environment that is founded on tolerance.  These are life skills that will nurture kindness, compassion and empathy as our students develop into productive and successful individuals.

    Lakehurst Elementary School is proud to announce that the winner from the fifth grade class is Alexandra Perez.  Her art display on friendship will represent everyone at our school.  She will attend a celebration at the Ocean County Library on May 2, 2018 with her family honoring her work towards this great cause.

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