• Making Connections

       I find it truly a love and an honor to teach. What greater joy is there than to build a bridge of knowledge from teacher to student? The beauty of this bridge is that the teaching is learned at both ends. However, education is not only teaching and learning—it is also about connecting. I make it my business to "know" my students, as well as what goes on in their lives outside of LES. Whether it is going to a school soccer game, shooting hoops on the court, or having conversations after class, I try to be available for my students. Trust and a comfortable classroom environment is the key to connecting to any group of students. By having this connection with the students, the learning environment becomes limitless. When the students are comfortable, their confidence can be built upon. With a greater confidence, the students challenge themselves. When the students reach their goals by completing their challenges, they "build a stronger pride." Once their pride is built upon, they will have the courage to build their own bridges, and thus, connecting to their dreams. 
    Here are 42 Aspects of Mr. La Veglio:

    1. I am married to a beautiful woman named Jennifer.

    2. I have one son, Andrew Joseph and one daughter, Jo Anne Rose.

    3. I currently have one pet; a Boston Terrier named Matilda (yes, I named her)

    4. I have two older sisters, Lisa and Jo Anne.

    5. I was raised in Cranford, N.J.

    6. I have been teaching for over 12 years.

    7. I have taught Kindergarten, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

    8. I love reading, but mostly writing.

    9. My favorite book is Ordinary People by Judith Guest.

    10. My favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe.

    11. My favorite poem is “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

    12. My favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde:

    "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

    13. My favorite sport is ice hockey…Let’s Go Rangers!

    14. My favorite movie is Slap Shot.

    15. My favorite band is Pearl Jam.

    16. My favorite song is “Only the Young” by Journey.

    17. My favorite day of the week is Saturday.

    18. My favorite color is Red, but I rarely wear it.

    19. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

    20. My favorite type of food is sushi (or anything my mother makes.)

    21. I like cleverness, wit, and humor.

    22. I dislike ignorance, cruelty, and small-mindedness.

    23. I like originality, candor, and consistency of character.

    24. I dislike plagiarism, untruthfulness, and lack of character.

    25. I prefer acknowledgment, but not praise.

    26. I lament over losing, but I am not a sore loser.

    27. Loyalty is what I look for in any relationship.

    28. Self-respect is what I look for in an individual.

    29. I feel looking someone in the eye when you speak to them, or a firm handshake says a lot about yourself and others.

    30. In the wake of a tragedy, I feel the ability to pick yourself up, rise above your grief, and remain strong for others is a selfless and saintly act of humanity.

    31. I feel cognizance of one’s surroundings makes the unanticipated easier to handle.

    32. I will never ask anyone to do what I wouldn't be willing to do myself.

    33. I feel if you ask the right questions,..you’ll get the right answers.

    34. Listen before you speak; think before you act; ask before you take.

    35. If you are going to sit there and do nothing, at least imagine that you are doing something.

    36. If time were to pause, I wouldn't.
    37. "Listen" to someone...don't just "hear" them.
    38. I demand the best from you...all of the time.
    39. I choose "will" over "skill." 
    40. I quote the band Living Colour: "Look in my eyes...what do you see? The cult of personality..." 
    41. The only thing wrong about communication is the absence of it.
    42. "If the rules you followed brought you to this, of what use were the rules?" -from No Country for Old Men