• Making Connections

       I find it truly a love and an honor to teach. What greater joy is there than to build a bridge of knowledge from teacher to student? The beauty of this bridge is that the teaching is learned at both ends. However, education is not only teaching and learning—it is also about connecting. I make it my business to "know" my students, as well as what goes on in their lives outside of LES. Whether it is going to a school soccer game, playing hoops on the court, drawing, or having conversations during lunch or recess, I try to be available for my students. Trust and a comfortable classroom environment is the key to connecting to any group of students. By having this connection with the students, the learning environment becomes limitless. When the students are comfortable, their confidence can be built upon. With a greater confidence, the students challenge themselves. When the students reach their goals by completing their challenges, they "build a stronger pride." Once their pride is built upon, they will have the courage to build their own bridges, and thus, connecting to their dreams.