• For as long as Ms. Menchini can remember, she had always wanted to be a teacher of young students. She would play school in her basement, imitating her favorite teachers.

    Ms. Menchini grew up in upstate New York and went to Elmira College in N.Y. for her teaching degree. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. After graduating, she moved to N.J. and taught Transitional First Grade at the Long Beach Island School District. When a Kindergarten position was available at Lakehurst Elementary, she decided to jump at the opportunity to work in another small school community.

    With each new school year, a different group of students with varying needs walk through Lakehurst Elementary School's doors. Ms. Menchini strives to be a teacher who embraces the differences of each student and believes it is so important to give all students a safe environment in which to learn. She hopes the new teachers that she mentors, take that mantra with them as they become the best teacher they can be.

    She is honored to represent Lakehurst Elementary School as Teacher of the Year!