• health Welcome to my website!  
       I am Mrs. Hess, R.N., B.S.N.  I am a Certified School Nurse.   I hope the information included here will be helpful and provide you with any information you may need concerning your child’s medical care during the school day.   Please know that  your child’s health and well being is important to me and I am always available to help with your questions or concerns.  
     As a school nurse, I provide direct health care and medication administration to students and staff who have been injured or who present with acute or chronic illnesses.  I am the liaison between school personnel, family, community, and health care providers. I provide annual screenings and referrals for health conditions       in order to address  potential health problems that are barriers to learning or symptoms of underlying medical concerns. 
    My role as a school nurse is to promote a healthy school environment.  I provide for the physical and emotional safety of the school community, monitor immunizations, assure appropriate exclusion from and re-entry into school, and report communicable diseases as required by law.  I also implement precautions for blood borne pathogens and other infectious diseases. I promote a healthy lifestyle by providing  health education directly to individual students, groups of students or classes by using comprehensive and age appropriate information. 
     I have included the following important information and forms on this site.   I hope you will find this helpful in meeting your child’s healthcare needs.
    · School Health Office Tips
    · Healthy Hints for a Healthy School Year
    · School Health Forms
    · Hand washing 
    · Dental Information