breakfast lunch free/reduced application


For our students who utilize the National School Lunch Program (income eligible for free or reduced lunch); the district will be distributing free breakfast and lunch (Monday through Friday 10:00 am until 11:00 am) at the Lakehurst Elementary School.  The parent or guardian of the eligible student(s) should pick up the items or arrange for an adult designee to be present with the eligible elementary school student(s) to receive the food.

***PLEASE NOTE: High school students must receive their food items from Manchester Township High School.  We are only able to serve breakfast and lunch for Lakehurst Elementary School students that are income eligible under the National School Lunch Program.  

*** If your family is not currently eligible and feel that your family may become eligible for the National School Lunch Program, please complete the free/reduced form (found on our website) and return promptly to the school cafeteria.  Photocopies will also be available to families at our cafeteria. Additionally, if your family has recently become or will become displaced or homeless, please contact our McKinney-Vento Homeless Family liaison, Dr. Clifford Barneman at his email: or by phone at (732) 657-5741.